Katarina Boudreaux

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Katarina graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX with two degrees: a BA in Music and a BA in English Literature.  Her vocal degree included studies in pedagogy, vocal production, technique, and teaching.

She has performed with Casa Manana Theater, the Fort Worth Opera, Dallas Caring Friends Follies, and was a member of the Actor’s Company in Dallas/Fort Worth. She has performed in several venues in Manhattan. As a member of Equity, SAG, and Aftra, she has been in several principal SAG commercials, and has enjoyed working on films in Connecticut and New York.

She was employed by Antibody Systems, Inc. of Hurst, TX for years where she learned scientific method, proof of principle, and the ins and outs of the constantly changing scientific community.  During her tenure there, she worked on CRADA’s, research projects, government grants, and clinical trials.

Katarina currently teaches voice and piano in Fairfield County, Connecticut. She specializes in working with the handicapped. Katarina enjoys writing and performing in her spare time. Katarina’s website: Katarina Boudreaux

Her sales, presentation, and scientific background at Antibody Systems coupled with her vocal teaching expertise make her an excellent choice for Vice President of Sales and Marketing at WIV LLC.  Katarina is responsible for the concept, specifications, and field testing of the Passaggio vocal training system.

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