John Bates

Consulting Scientist

Since 1970, John Bates, retired owner of Time/Space Systems, has been developing a unique concept in signal processing  derived from his 20 years of experience in designing and testing airborne electromagnetic reconnaissance  systems. This experience began at the onset of the Cold War at ITT Laboratories, HRB-Singer, and IBM’s Federal Systems Division. He was involved with all aspects of research on airborne signal intercept systems from conception through breadboarding, flight testing, and analyzing intercept results. The major systems he originated at ITT were the AN/ASQ-18 and a special-purpose system for observing the electromagnetic environment around ballistic missile sites.  At HRB-Singer he designed the AN/QRC-189 and a radio interference location system. Most of his work at IBM involved system analysis of various kinds, including a quantitative method for predicting the effectiveness of radar detection against ballistic missile penetration countermeasures. It was here that he invented the periodicity sorting matrix (PSM) an ingeniously simple system for instantaneously separating intermixed radar pulse periodicities, an unsolved problem since the onset of electronic warfare.

From his long-time interest in auditory perception he realized that the PSM could also be applied to a major problem in auditory theory: how to detect voice pitch. Rather than pursuing his patent application, IBM chose to publish it, thereby opening it for further development elsewhere. Optimistic over its potential, he left IBM to enhance and develop the PSM in derivative systems useful for speech recognition as well as for other applications. John started Time/Space Systems to develop applications of time domain signal processing. John has developed and patented many derivatives of PSM over the years.

WIV was pleased to bring John into the team as a stockholder and Consulting Scientist at its founding in 2008.

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