Chris Shafer

Founder and CEO

Chris is a 1975 graduate of Thames Valley State Technical College in Uncasville, Connecticut. Chris majored in Electronics Engineering and Computer Science while at Thames Valley.

He became interested in Signal Processing while working for the Navy at the Naval Underwater Systems Center in New London Connecticut in the 1970’s. He was deeply involved in FFT processing of acoustical data related to antisubmarine warfare. He wrote a number of FFT based signal processing applications all in assembly language.

Later jobs included operating systems development for a groundbreaking  electronic mail system at Wiltek Inc. in Wilton, CT, and optical recognition software development at Scan Optics in East Hartford, CT.

Chris became involved with WIV processing while working at VOIS Inc. in the late 1980’s.  He developed the world’s first real time software WIV processor for pitch detection on the IBM 8088 in assembly language.

After this, he was involved in independent consulting working on varied projects in Assembly language, C, C++, and Java. Chris also had a long stint developing hedge fund trading software. All through these years he continued to dabble with WIV processing and was able to develop a real time WIV processor in C++ in his spare time.

In 2008 Chris demonstrated his real time WIV processor to Katarina Boudreaux who immediately saw an application for it as a visual aid for vocal training.  The idea for Passaggio was born and WIV LLC was formed.

Chris’s responsibilities include running WIV LLC and developing products based on the WIV technology.

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