Hilarious Space Brain Game

PLAY THE ORIGINAL WACKY SPACE BRAIN GAME! QoQ pronounced “kwok” is FUN for all ages and so EASY to play. On the train, riding in the car, waiting for an appointment, in a boring meeting, QoQ will help you pass the time. But watch out, QoQ is highly ADDICTIVE and it will make you LAUGH out loud!

QoQ is about a brain traveling through space searching for a black hole. Strange and foolish objects from its past memory attack the brain along the way. The object of QoQ is to get the brain into the center of the black hole so it can pass to safety. Move the brain using your finger or optionally with your voice.

QoQ Version 2 with optional voice control is NOW available!

QoQ uses WIV pitch detection to listen to your voice for rising or falling voice pitch. When it detects a rising voice pitch, the brain moves to the right, when it detects a falling voice pitch the brain moves to the left. We believe this is the first ever app that can detect voice pitch fast enough and reliably enough to be used to move an object during game play even in the presence of noisy music and game sound effects.

Check out our demo here:

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