Consulting Services

WIV is actively seeking consulting opportunities. We have experience developing commercial software applications for Windows and the IPhone. We currently have two applications QoQ, and Passaggio in the ITunes app store. Our Passaggio vocal feedback program for Windows has been out for some time.

Our primary interest is in realtime time domain signal analysis but we can do most any software development project. We have experience in the following languages: C, C++, Objective C, Assembler, Java, and C#. We also have been involved with database development, and in web development including Silverlight and Flex.

We have special expertise in the music field through Katarina Boudreaux who has been a great help with developing the Passaggio program. Pictured above is our lab in Meriden which includes a recording studio.

Our associate graphics designer, Grace Chen, has been responsible for creating our website and the graphics for our IPhone programs. Grace also does Flash programming. She is available to work along with our team for graphics design.


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