The history of WIV LLC begins with John K. Bates and his study of how the biological ear can sense and, along with the brain, interpret and react to sounds. Now retired, John has worked in the corporate world and on his own as an engineer and researcher. Two of his companies, Time/Space Systems and VOIS, Inc., were partially funded by government grants to develop his Wave Information Vector (WIV) time-based signal processing technology.

Chris Shafer developed a real-time WIV processor in Assembly Language on the IBM 8088 while working at VOIS. In the ensuing years John and Chris continued to work on the WIV technology. In the 1990’s Chris was able to recode in C++ and improve the original program developed at VOIS. It was during this time that Albert Doolittle, a computer technology expert became interested in WIV processing and encouraged its development.

Early in 2008 Chris demonstrated his C++ real-time WIV processor to vocal training expert Katarina Bordeaux.  She immediately recognized the potential of WIV processing as an aid for teaching her voice students.  Through a series of meetings in 2008 Chris, John, Katarina, and Al participated in organizing WIV LLC. By 2009 the Passaggio vocal training system was operational and beta tested. It has been so successful that Katarina uses it regularly as one of her major tools with her students.

WIV LLC intends to continue development of WIV technology through continued research and real world applications.

We believe our technology will eventually find its way into many applications that currently rely on spectral analysis.

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